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Mrs Shah’s ready mixed Indian spices are made from a unique family recipe of 19 herbs and spices blended for the perfect curry experience.

Unlike most curry products, we do not make a sauce. Our products only contain freshly ground herbs and spices that are used to make curries in the Indian sub-continent. That’s why you will always get an authentic curry using Mrs Shah’s Curry Mix.

We do not use any artificial preservatives or additives, meaning that only natural ingredients go into the mixes that you buy from us. Plus, you can make a fresh curry in as little as 20 minutes!

Back in 2008 when I was pregnant, I became quite ill and more-or-less in bed for 6 weeks. For the first few weeks my children and husband were basically living off takeaways as he had never cooked in his life (that’s if you count 1995 when he was a student and he managed to burn a pre-cooked pizza in the oven!). My husband realised that he couldn’t carry on feeding the kids all the junk that he was happy to eat.

ready mixed Indian spices Sheffield
ready mixed Indian spices Sheffield

From Takeaway Curry Delivery To Homemade Wonders!

Over the years he had watched me cook some great tasting curries in a relatively short time. He decided that he would cook a curry for the kids and me. I managed to measure out the spices into a pot for him and gave him some helpful step-by-step instructions. And hey presto, he managed to cook up a curry that tasted wonderful. Now his friends and family cannot believe that someone who never cooked for 35 years of his life, could cook up such gourmet delights.

One of my husband’s friends used to complain about not being able to make a good standard and tasty curry at home. After tasting my husband’s curry we gave him a pot of the ready mixed Indian spices, with cooking instructions. He couldn’t believe how quick and simple it was to make, let alone how much better it tasted than the curry he had been making.

The same friend asked for some more pots of the curry mix to give out to some of his friends and family. The feedback he got was excellent and we were soon getting orders from more and more people. We therefore thought of producing the curry mix to sell to a wider audience. And here we are today!

What Spices Are In Indian Curry?

In Indian cuisine, spices play a crucial role. Even the simplest ingredients can become tasty meals with the right spices.

Garam masala is probably the most commonly used spice blend in Indian cuisine. All of these spices and more can be added, including chiili, paprika, turmeric, tandoori masala and pepper – all of which are some of the main ingredients in our spice mixes.

India has a range of versions for their spice mixes, each unique to a particular region, passed down within the family. So I came up with a simplified range of mixes that offer authentic flavours, that are also easy to make.

Is Making Curry Hard? Not With Mrs Shah’s Curry Mix!

The preparation of curries may seem challenging to some people. That’s not the case, I promise you. With Mrs Shah’s Curry Mix, you don’t have to be an expert to make a simple curry! Although some curry recipes may be intimidating because of their lengthy ingredient lists, you do not always have to start there and we have provided some options of our own!

ready mixed Indian spices Sheffield
ready mixed Indian spices Sheffield

Be A Curry Hero, Put Some Spice In Your life!

Forget about the hassle of blending curry flavours yourself at home. Your curries will be so good that people won’t stop talking about them. The best part of all? You can make it all from scratch in minutes.

A curry lover will always have a pot of spices on hand, and we’ve done the leg work for you. All you need to do is put the pot on your hob and wait for the magic to happen.

Whether you like all the flavours of a curry, but with less heat, or are a full on heat-seeker, check out our range of ready mixed Indian spices to suit any taste – from extra mild to extra hot!

Struggling to think of how you can use our spice mix in your cooking? Take a look at any of our recipes to inspire your creativity! Start your spice journey today!


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